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Welcome to Career Coaching Center of San Antonio, where we are committed to assisting you in achieving your professional objectives. Olivia Hernandez, our founder, has over a decade of expertise in career coaching and has helped countless individuals just like you find success in their chosen career paths. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to make a shift, we’re here to guide and assist you every step of the way.

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Helping you develop the leadership skills, confidence, and executive presence needed to skyrocket your career.

At the Career Coaching Center of San Antonio, we believe that everyone deserves to have a satisfying career that they enjoy. That is why we provide a number of services to assist you in discovering your skills, identifying your career goals, and developing a specific plan to attain them. We recognize that each individual has distinct requirements and objectives, and we tailor our services to match those needs.

Career Coaching and Mentorship: At the Career Coaching Center of San Antonio, we recognize that each person’s career path is unique. As a result, we provide customized coaching and mentoring services that are tailored to your individual requirements and goals. Our professional coaches will work with you to determine your talents, shortcomings, and career goals. We will design a personalized career plan that is aligned with your interests, talents, and values through a collaborative approach.

Career Assessment: Our career assessment services include a number of methods and methodologies to examine your aptitude, personality, interests, and values. We can assist you in discovering potential job pathways that correspond with your goals and personal preferences by examining your strengths and shortcomings. Our evaluation services can help you acquire clarity about your career path, allowing you to make educated decisions about your future.

Career Counseling: Career counseling is a crucial service for anyone wishing to make a substantial adjustment in their work life. Our counselors will work with you to identify and overcome any impediments to your job success. We can help you improve your communication skills, manage work-related stress, and boost your confidence and self-esteem. Our career counseling services are meant to help you reach your objectives and become a more fulfilled and productive professional.

Interview Preparation: Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but with our interview preparation services, you can confidently approach them. Our coaches will equip you with customized tactics to help you ace your interviews, including suggestions on body language, communication, and storytelling. We will also assist you in anticipating and preparing for common interview questions, ensuring that you make a good impression and stand out from the crowd.

Outplacement Services: Outplacement services are critical for businesses that are going through layoffs or restructuring. We assist employees who are leaving the organization with résumé writing, interview coaching, and career assessments. Our coaches will assist your employees in navigating the job market and finding new employment options that match their abilities and expertise.

Resume Writing: A well-crafted resume can make or break your employment quest. Our experienced resume writers will work with you to create a resume that displays your accomplishments and experience in an appealing way to potential employers. We will also provide you feedback and pointers on how to tailor your CV to specific job prospects.

Our coaching services include one-on-one coaching sessions with Olivia herself, where you’ll get tailored advice on everything from resume writing and interview skills to networking and career growth. We also provide group coaching sessions and workshops where you can interact with like-minded people and learn vital skills and tactics to help you thrive in your profession.

Whether you want to land your dream job, improve in your present profession, or explore other career pathways, our team of expert career advisers is ready to help. We think that with the correct advice and support, anyone can achieve their career objectives. Here are just a few of the ways we can assist you:

Executive Career Coaching: Executive career coaching is a specialist service developed for senior-level executives aiming to advance their careers. Our coaches have considerable expertise working with executives in a variety of industries, and we can offer you the tools and tactics you need to negotiate complicated corporate situations. Our coaching services will assist you in developing your leadership skills, improving your communication and negotiation skills, and maximizing your potential for success.

Entrepreneur Career Coaching: Entrepreneur career coaching is intended for individuals who are establishing or expanding their enterprises. Our coaches can give you the guidance and assistance you need to establish a successful and sustainable business. We will assist you in developing your business strategy, assembling your team, and navigating the hurdles of entrepreneurship.

Career Change Coaching: Career change coaching is intended for people who want to change careers. Our coaches will work with you to identify your transferrable abilities and explore new job opportunities that correspond with your interests and values. We will assist you in developing a plan for a successful transition to your new career.

Job Search Assistance: Job search assistance is intended to help you navigate the employment market and identify new career opportunities. Our coaches will assist you in developing efficient job search tactics, such as networking, internet job search, and resume enhancement. We will also provide you with comments and advice on how to prepare for job interviews and negotiate job offers.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization: LinkedIn profile improvement is critical in today’s job environment. Our coaches will work with you to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it is appealing to future employers and recruiters. We will advise you on how to develop your network and maximize your exposure on LinkedIn.

Networking Coaching: Networking coaching is intended to help you develop successful networking abilities. Our coaches will teach you how to establish and leverage your professional network to achieve your career objectives. Whether you want to increase your network, develop your communication skills, or learn how to build important contacts, our networking coaching service can assist. Our networking coaching service begins with a thorough assessment of your present networking abilities and goals. We collaborate with you to discover areas for improvement and provide a customized plan to help you succeed. Our coaches will show you how to discover and engage with key influencers, create meaningful relationships, and use your network to unearth new job prospects.

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